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Lead the Transformation

Mindful Office

An invitation to deepen team building.

  • Daily standups

  • Weekly talks and workshops with trainer

  • Weekly inspiration and feedback sessions

  • On demand support with conflict resolution

  • On demand personal support

  • Office yoga

Today's Business Challenge?

A lack of communication and interpersonal skills in a team often stands in the way of creativity, productivity and innovation.

Working in different industries, from IT, marketing, retail and startups to NGOs and nonprofits, we have encountered the same issue time and time again: brilliant minds, experts in their domain are failing to form inclusive, creative, united and sustainably productive teams.

We facilitate growth by ensuring happiness!

We believe that a new era of connection, mutual understanding, and support is already here. This it is the only way to a sustainable future of humanity. That is why we train people to lead from the heart, develop self confidence and resilience, and not only embrace but also lead the change with joy. 


We teach a communication and interpersonal skills system rooted in mindfulness and non-violent communication to help individuals fully develop their inner growth potential - in order to form connected, harmonious, powerful teams in the work environment, as well as in any other context of their lives.

Employees actively look for a new job


Swedes medicates to cope with work

1 in 5

Employees feel burnout


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