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Mindful Office

An initiative for heathier and happier teams

Choose and combine activities to co-create training programs and retreats based on your needs.

Our offer includes (not limited to):

  • Lunch and learns, discussions and workshops:

    • nonviolent communication

    • mindfulness

    • wellbeing

    • stress management

    • diversity, equity & inclusion

    • creativity

  • Exercises

    • self-awareness

    • self-regulation

    • social awareness

    • empathic response

    • motivation

    • communication and connection

  • Breathing techniques

    • focus 

    • stress regulation

    • energy balancing

    • boosting creativity

  • Team-building

    • emotional intelligence

    • conflict resolution

    • active listening

    • team values alignmen

  • Chair yoga and body movement

    • release built up stress

    • balance the modern work lifestyle (long sitting, excess device use and irregular posture)

    • energisers and mikro-breaks

  • Support with preparation and facilitation of Inspiration/Feedback sessions

  • Weekly yoga practice session and/or meditation

  • Exploring needs and co-creating tailored programs and retreats

Dig deeper in team building:

  • Daily standups

  • Weekly talks and workshops with trainer

  • Weekly inspiration and feedback sessions

  • On demand support with conflict resolution

  • On demand personal support

  • Office yoga

An invitation to actively and mindfully co-create:

  • training programs

  • team building

  • retreats

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