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Transformational Leadership


Introduction to Meditation

We know that when a group meditates together it directly affects their relationship in all positive ways. Proven by wide scientific research and years of personal practice, this powerful tool is a great booster of previous learnings, and a wonderful way for all this work to be integrated and made into a habit. 

Office Yoga 

Since our physical health directly impacts all that has been discussed above, office yoga has been crafted to gently counter the disbalances and ailments in the body caused by long office hours (i.e. sitting and looking at a screen).

1. Build Meaningful Connections (Prevent Conflict)

Everything starts with the intention to connect, and this intention comes before and above everything that we may think, or want at a given moment.


In this workshop you will learn:

  • practical tools to DEAL WITH CONFLICT, as well as ways to prevent any potential challenges in communication. 

  • how to LISTEN, beyond one's words or behaviors, by tapping into the needs that are present at the specific moment. 


Doing so, we build relations based on openness, trust and true connection.


2. Ensure Psychological Safety


The 2nd chapter dives deeper into building connections. You will learn how to:

  • CREATE a SAFE SPACE within the team for everyone to have a deep sense of belonging

  • Enable everyone to contribute in a way that they FEEL HEARD, VALUED and VALUABLE.


Psychological safety is proven to help eradicate stress and burnout, promoting mental and physical health, which then results directly in less sick days, as well as improved job satisfaction and a sense of meaning.

3. Master Effective Communication


In the 3rd workshop we explore thoroughly the communication tools to:

  • GET the RIGHT MESSAGE THROUGH and improve efficiency and effectiveness in the team

  • open doors for INCLUSIVENESS and COLLABORATION on a higher level. 


As a result, you stimulate vibrancy and create diversity in ideas and implementation. 


4. Promote Creativity and Innovation


In the last workshop we add innovation and creativity tools to:

  • explore TOOLS that BOOST CREATIVITY and encourage initiative 

  • INSPIRE disruptive INNOVATION and positive action. 


Added on the base of Meaningful Connections, Psychological Safety and Effective Communication - Creativity and Innovation chapter brings it all together and builds up to superb teams ready to take up any challenge with curiosity, play, and ease.

Transformation starts within, in each and every individual. 

Leadership is, first and foremost, about leading one’s own life with honesty, passion and authenticity and thus inspiring others to do the same.
This course will teach you the essential communication principles and necessary skills that will:
  1. Help you become a better person (in any circumstances) and a true leader.
  2. Improve engagement, company values alignment and job satisfaction of your teams.
  3. Eradicate stress and burnout.
At the core of the course is the philosophy and practice of mindfulness and non-violent communication also known as compassionate, collaborative, respectful, conscious and lifeserving communication.
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