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Mindful Office

An initiative for happier teams
and joyful work environments
Take a moment to center

When switching from one activity to another, take a moment to close your eyes. Take a deep breath, and let it out with the intention to let go of the previous activity. Then another breath, to gently reconnect to yourself - and let it out. With the next breath gently suggest your intention for the following activity. Let it out, ready to take your next endeavour.

Be present here and now

In meetings, or when conversing with a colleague, whenever you notice your mind drifting to the future (thinking of a solution, or what you may say next) or the past (looking for blame or how we got to the "problem") gently bring your attention back to the present, and listen with your full attention and an open heart.

Stir up creativity

When you have been working on a problem for a long time, or when you feel stuck, take a few minutes to move your body. It can take the form of a short walk, a stretch with yoga, some push ups or a dance... it will help stir up the stagnant energy in your body and the mind relax, letting new and fresh ideas come in view.

" Trust is not built by changing others,

rather, by changing oneself "


Provides exclusive and full exposure to the mindful office philosophy like: support in facilitating daily meetings, weekly inspirational and team building get-togethers, weekly mindful office tools sessions and personal one-to-one empathy and breakthrough sessions with mindfulness and nonviolent communication facilitator.

12 suit

The twelve modules suit provides deeper understanding and practice of tools for stress management, self regulation, communication and conflict resolution. It dives deeper in developing compassion and emotional intelligence, thus better understanding of oneself and others.

6 pack

In six sessions we go through a dozen tools for self regulation and communication. The list includes breathing techniques, embodied practices, meditation, nonviolent communication, mindfulness and team building exercises.

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Reduced stress
& Burnout

Breathing techniques help dealing with acute stress, as well as with help of other tools affect long term and chronic stress effects. Meditation can significantly, positively affect our stress response.

& Wellbeing

Mindful self development leads to improved overall health and wellbeing, resulting with less sick days and mood related absence.
A healthy person is motivated, creative, full of energy and compassion.


Leaders attending mindfulness programs report improved leadership skills, as well as better (self-) image as a leader.
Empathy is one of the most important and most valued leadership skills according to research.


Mindfulness practice brings calm and equanimity, which makes bouncing back after a setback easier and more at hand.
It significantly improves aspects of physical, emotional and cognitive resilience.

Communication & Collaboration

Teams that practice mindfulness, empathy and nonviolent communication, show improved team spirit, motivation and collaboration in all aspects of working and being together.

Focus, Creativity
& Problem Solving

Peaceful mind comes to more creative, more compassionate, inclusive and comprehensive  solutions in a shorter time, and does so with joy and ease.


being present in every moment.


building kind, loving and meaningful connections.

Well Being

 presence, kindness, and care, for oneself and others.

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Yoga Class

Office Yoga

Online, or on site weekly yoga class. 
Crafted specifically to gently counter the disbalances and ailments caused by long office work.
Brings strength, calm and health for the body and mind.

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Yoga in the Garden

Open Heart Yoga

Welcome to a gentle journey inwards, an exploration of body and breath.

Strength, calm and health for the body and mind.

Mindful Conversation 

Purify and deepen your relationships.
Mindful Conversation is a course based in Mindfulness, Hearfulness, and Nonviolent Communication philosophies and practices. 

Personal Development

Embrace a life of love and prosperity.
Experience a breaktrhough by introducing new practices and perspectives in life, with the support of wellbeing and mindfulness coach.

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