We create solutions. We build teams. We develop people.

We are our Dream

We are a team of experienced engineers, mindfulness practitioners and social scientists, come together to create a better way.

We take a holistic approach on work and life. We lead teams by inspiring self-development.

We build trust and deep connection. We develop solutions guided by our commitment to provide the best service.

We choose to lead from the heart. We nurture awareness and care for what really matters.

We explore human brilliance while honoring vulnerability. 

We bind growth with duty.

We believe in wise choices and in the betterment of our world.

In Loving service
Ivy & Medo


We  serve the Community

We believe that we only receive by giving. We know that community is the most valuable asset one can ever have.

In our approach, love and friendship come first. We welcome all with open mind and open heart.


When the results of this inner-work ripple, we will have a better world and be proud we took part in creating it

We are offering three scholarships to work exclusively with you who are ready to take the next step towards creating a more humane, more mindful and more sustainable life and career.

This is a 100% scholarship and it does not require prior experience. All that is required is interest and good will.



The world is changing and business inevitably has to do so. A new era of connection, mutual understanding and support is already here.

Our mission is to help organizations transition smoothly into the new way of working together, by helping individuals and teams tap into their inner growth. We help teams and organizations by facilitating transformation from within, with mindful presence and good practices. We deliver growth by ensuring happiness.


Authentic Self-development

• Core Values
• Exploring Talents
• Habits & Change
• CV & Professional Profile
• Health & Relationships

We see personal development as conscious evolution. We believe that with good habits and proper self care one can blossom into their best manifestation.

Self betterment also comes with many awesome attributes and great abundance.

Conscious Change Management

• Enabling learning environment
• Integrating growth mindset
• Facilitating sustainable change
• Coaching on Mindful change management

We facilitate growth by investing in people and meet very ambitious goals as a result. We believe that success starts with joy and fulfillment. We understand and build company values by nurturing awareness and mindfulness in the team.
From there we set our intentions and move towards them together and as one.

Mindful Leadership

• Team Values & Roles
• Honest Communication & Empathetic Listening
• Personal Development
• Specialization & Growth

We lead teams by family rules. We do not squeeze people into positions, but rather stretch space and time to empower people into the best version of themselves. Our team members become the embodiment of learning and change themselves and acknowledge that the team is a living organism that constantly improves and evolves.
We advocate embracing change from a place of willpower. We work with people and not just roles. We cherish and prioritize the development of emotional intelligence and empathy. We introduce mindfulness and meditative practices in the agile process to catalyze inner-growth.

Holistic Development

• Software Development
• Product Management
• Social Media & PR
• Coaching & Mentorship

We are passionate about development and providing solutions based on the latest technologies and best practices. We build products that meet business requirements while honoring sustainability. 
We approach product with love, understanding and respect. We care to deliver smart and effective solutions while keeping in mind the end user first.

Our mission is to help users get the right message and solve the right problem, thus we market products honestly and mindfully. 

Work, not to get a product or money, but to perfect yourself

Shri P. Rajagopalachari (Chariji)

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Stockholm, Sweden

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