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Ivy talking about transformational leadership.

Mindful Office

Eradicate stress and burnout.
Improve company values alignment, 

engagement, and job satisfaction.
Casual Meeting

Lead from the Heart

According to research, empathy is one of the most valued leadership skills. Learn to lead with honesty, passion and authenticity and inspire others to do the same.

Mindful Collaboration

Teams that practice mindfulness and nonviolent communication, show improved empathy, team spirit and collaboration in all aspects of working and being together.

Focus, Creativity & Innovation

Peaceful mind aligned with the heart creates more compassionate, inclusive and advanced solutions in a shorter time, and does so with joy and ease.

Reduced Stress & Burnout

Creating psychological safety significantly, positively affects our stress response thus having long term effects in burnout prevention.

Health & Wellbeing

Mindful practice leads to improved overall wellbeing, resulting in less sick days and mood related absence. A healthy person is motivated, creative and full of energy.

Resilience & Self-confidence

Learn to maintain calm and equanimity to enable bouncing back after a setback easier, and significantly improve physical, emotional and cognitive resilience.

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