Let your

True Self


Hi, I'm Ivy

I am here to serve.

That, and to cheer you on your journey!
I'm here to be by your side when you tap into your true potential and set yourself on full capacity.


Practice. Service. Growth.

Life to me is more like many little hills, rather than one huge mountain to climb. 

Naturally, I am an expert in starting anew. 

I love a new challenge out of the comfort zone. Often I go for change in scenery, and usually start from scratch. I've done so with my life too, a couple  of times.

It would be my honor to help you with your current challenge.

I know you have what it takes! With my amicable spirit, I've spent lifetime(s) being mesmerized by human capacity and amazing potential. 

I know what you can do! 
And I'm here to help you set your mind on it and witness you create your best Self.

If all of us did what truly matters to us, this would be a fantastic world.

Ever so grateful our paths crossed

From the first time we met there was this strong connection and understanding between us, which is quite rare. Ivy has the potential and capacity to realise her vision in a highly refined manner. I am so glad I get to see her aspirations unfold!

Emily Danborg

It has been an absolute pleasure to be a part of Moonwise Scholarship Program, I have been enjoying talking to inspiring, thoughtful, kind, and amazing mentor, Ivy.

Aleksandra has a holistic approach to coaching (body, mind and soul level) and a very natural capacity to listen, connect and support. Coaching is not her profession, it's her calling.

Life has blessed us in so many ways, so many opportunities. But the honor to serve and build a community of sisters and brothers, fellow souls with whom we share this existence, is beyond all. To be able to grow and evolve together, is the most amazing and most beautiful blessing of all.

Moonwise Yoga

A place for a gentle yoga experience. Through our breath we connect with ourselves, our body and our soul.
Daily practice works magic.

Heartful Sisterhood

Heartfelt meditation, deep compassionate sharing and self-betterment practice in an open, honest, and empowering environment.

Change starts with a single step

Let your true self shine. Unleash your true potential. Become who you are meant to be!

My Offering

We all have our own journey to enjoy.
I've spent  great part of mine questioning, learning, allowing, exploring, practicing and experiencing consciousness. All my life I've devoted to improvement and growth in every area of life.

Through my amazing teachers I learn how to learn and unlearn. From my own journey I learn who I am and how to be That. Through my devotion and practice I learn how to manifest all that I dream of.

My wish is to share all this with you who are ready to step into your greater power.
You who are ready to find your true self and let it shine!

Growth, self-fulfillment, and contribution are the highest of needs and possibly the most positive, and prosperous human drives. We start now, right where you are. From there, we embark on a journey of creating and manifesting your most desired life.

Let's connect and see how I can bring value at this stage of your quest. 



My biggest wish is to show you your true light, your potential to shine as bright as the stars. My mission in life is to be your witness and cheer you on your journey of becoming your Best Self. 

Team & Executive Coaching

Let's turn your team, your band or group of any kind, into a soul family that manifests empowering environment and desired outcomes with ease. A dream team that gives it all and gets it all!

Ivy Moonwise

My purpose and greatest joy is to work with you who are ready, or willing, to embody positive change in your life and take a bold step into being your best self.

Personal Development

Team & Executive Coaching

It is my mission and my honor to help your team and organization to maintain a kind, learning and empowering work environment, while creating great solutions and cutting edge results.

Change starts with a single step

Let your true self shine. Unleash your true potential. Become who you are meant to be!

Moonwise Dream

Together with my beautiful husband who is a mindful leader, and an experienced engineer, and a great community of mindfulness practitioners, sustainability preachers, plant based evangelists, believers, new agers, entrepreneurs, creatives, smart investors and other awesome good people, we come together to create a better way.

We take a holistic approach on life and work. 


We lead teams by inspiring self-development.

We build trust and deep connection. We develop solutions guided by our commitment to provide the best service.

We choose to serve and lead from the heart.


We nurture awareness and care for what really matters.

We explore human brilliance while honoring vulnerability. 

We bind growth with duty.

We believe in wise choices and in the betterment of our world.