Office Yoga

Join us in an exploration of body and breath.

Office Yoga is asana and pranayama practice, specifically crafted to gently counter the disbalances and ailments caused by long office work.
Brings strength, calm and health for the body and mind.

Online Clases (weekly)

  • 11000kr 5500kr per month

In person (weekly):

  • Lidingö

  • Stockholm

Application, Dates and Pricing:

The reccomended reward for Mindful Office Immersion is 11.000 SEK for Sweden. If you apply from other countries, you can translate it into whatever is apropriate in your own currency, taken into consideration the life standard and need.
At the moment we offer Office Yoga with 50% discount at 5.500 SEK.

If you face dificulties to pay this at the moment, send us an email at and we'll make it work.