Heartful Leadership

& Team Development

The world is changing and business inevitably will have to do so as well. A new era of connection, mutual understanding and support is already here.

It is now more important than ever for teams to be able to communicate effectively and connect in honest, and empathetic ways. This is necessary not only for the wellbeing, resilience, meaning, focus, creativity, job satisfaction and even immune response of the crew members, but also for improving effective (and efficient) communication, company values alignment, analytical thinking, collaboration and innovation, psychological safety, productivity, engagement and competitive edge. 

Our mission is to help organizations transition smoothly into the new way of working together, by helping individuals and teams tap into their inner growth. We facilitate a transformation from within, with mindful presence and good practices. We deliver growth by ensuring happiness.

Our approach is based in mindfulness and uses a blend of techniques and exercises including non-violent communication, honest expression, yoga, meditation, stress management, ego prism, self-awareness and self-regulation, reaction and response, motivation and (self) leadership training. The list is non-exhaustive as there is no one to fit all solution in team building (or anything else for that matter). We are excited to get to know you and together create a program that will work for your specific challenges. Reach our if any of this resonates, it is our duty and our honor to help.

Meditation is like a gym in which you develop the powerful mental muscles of calm and insight

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Minful Office

An invitation to dig deeper in team building


Individual personal development sessions

Office Yoga

Weekly vinyasa flow (45-90 minutes) structured specifically for office workers

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A moment to take a conscious breath together, to arrive and align. An opportunity to connect to eachother and an intention to do best we can followed by a brief sharing on the current internal and external state (emotions, challenges, personal and family state, etc.) plays a huge role in how the others perceive and understand their colleagues. It helps manage expectations and maintain an open and honest relationship. It is best done at the beginning of the daily stand up or meetings.

A breath to check in

Feedback "Fika"

A 15 minute exercise of giving (and receiving) a positive feedback. A "love shower” that strengthens human connection between colleagues. One at a time briefly presents an idea, project, initiative, mission or anything they’d like to share. It can be work related, private or completely off topic. Rest of the group has an opportunity for curiosity and positive feedback. 

Online mingle

An opportunity for crew members from different teams, expertise or experience to learn more about their colleagues with whom they share a workplace and mission (something they’ve lost with the work from home). Randomized breakout rooms after “all hands” meetings for ten minutes to discuss suggested teazer or free topics, brings people closer together and strengthens  trust and honoring company's values.


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