When the results of the inner-work ripple, we will have a better world and be proud we took part in creating it.

We are offering three scholarships to work exclusively with you who are ready to take the next step towards creating a more humane, more mindful and more sustainable life and career.
This is a 100% free scholarship and it does not require prior experience. All is required is interest and will.


Authentic Personal Development - for an individual that wants to lead their life and career with a joyful heart

  • Core Values

  • Exploring Talents

  • Habits & Change

  • Health & Relationships​

Heartful Team Leadership - A team of skilled individuals that wants to communicate in effective ways and support teammates to thrive in a loving environment

  • Team Values & Roles

  • Personal Development

  • Honest Communication & Empathetic Listening

  • Specialization & Growth

​Mindful Change Management - An organization that is ready to take a step in creating a more positive, mindful and loving environment

  • Enabling learning environment

  • Integrating growth mindset

  • Facilitating sustainable change

  • Coaching

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Stockholm, Sweden

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Thank you so much for everything 💙 Deko & Meri
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