• Aleksandra Geric

The world is inevitably changing. “For the better” is up to us

The world is changing. In all the unknown, this one thing is sure. More than not, I now believe there is no going back to normal. At least not soon, and not as we know it.

And as in any situation ever, we are left with a choice. How we act now is up to us. Humans.

One choice, sure, is the one we may see as our only right now. To keep doing what we were doing so far, try and go back to “normal”. Try save our known ways, try save our capital, save the businesses, save the stock…

Now this normal is what I got stuck on the other day. I went over and over trying to understand, I was writing my feelings down. Questions like “Are we so estranged already? Have we forgotten that we are flesh and blood first, and then all the other things we imagine we are?!” were piercing my heart for long before my soul could move on to more positive ones.

I felt we were stuck in saving a collapsing system, that didn’t even work that well before. Trying to “save” something that wasn’t good at all for most of the world’s population. That is humans only. Then there are other species, the planet… We are trying to save what is not serving us, and we are failing too. I felt devastated. I felt we were blinded by our own illusion, that we fail to see that we can make this, in an instant, we can make all this better!

Then a feeling, a very known one came back, to fill the void I had in my chest. We can make it all better! Knowing this feels so natural, so warm. But before, I wrote

“I sit still. I close my eyes. I breathe.”

Now I bow in gratefulness for being able to express my feelings, to talk about my struggle, to let go. I surrender what is not in my control and focus on what I can do instead. I focus instead on how can I serve ❤

This, I think, is the other obvious choice. To try and use this opportunity, this stop, to take a sharp turn and start all over. We stay still for a while. We take a breath. A conscious one. And then a few more. We breathe and we ground. We reconnect and then we start this all over.

I mean it.

Isn’t this a perfect time to change all that didn’t work before?

How about local businesses that will carry the economy of a small community or municipality instead of giants that over-process and oversell to us Earth’s free gifts? How about local sustainable farming instead of flying and shipping hard harvested avocados across the globe? How about local bakeries instead of farmed and processed meat? How about clean transport?

How about decent basic income? How about enabling creativity in service?

How about communities based on trust and support?

My heart melts with joy of the possibility that we have. If only we could set free our smartest, our bravest, our most creative, our most different to express their most authentic self in the best possible way. I see solutions popping, to all that made our previous set up so unfair and so fragile to this threat.

I imagine humanity living in harmony with themselves, each other and all life on the planet. All this done in one conscious hour on the planet, one honest and mindful brainstorming within our human capacity. All this in a decision to turn good.

This is a perfect time to turn inwards. Rethink what we do and how we do things.

It is the perfect time to zoom out onto our existence and see ourselves truly, then make things right. All we need is to let go of gripping to the old, let go of all that does not serve us well and take only the good out of it. Our capacity to solve problems. Our capacity to communicate and share information. Being agile. Being compassionate, being capable of so many things.

This is the perfect time to turn to our best Self and express it for the good of All. There are other choices too. But I like this one. It lets me live in faith that we will come out of this better.

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