• Aleksandra Geric

The good in the tough times

These are tough times, indeed, we all know that now. And we have to live with them 🙏

We’ve read all the news, we know all the advice. Now we need to practice 🙏

We have to change, adapt, evolve if you will.

We have to do all we can to lessen the suffering in humanity 💙

What I want to talk about, though, is the other side of the coin. The good in it. The bigger picture.

This is our wake up call to our duty as the most intelligent species.

What I know from years of practice, is that with awareness, with mindfulness we have an opportunity to learn, to question and to observe 💙

From years of putting myself in new and unknown situations, I know that this too shall pass. For sure. I know I can, if I want to, look for the good, even when it seems like a disaster.

I know I’ll grow and better myself out of it. I really do.

We are in circumstances now where we have slow down. We have to stop. We need to retreat in isolation and stop almost everything. In this, there is an opportunity for us to retreat to ourselves too, and an opportunity to observe our ways. All humanity has to just slow down. And in this, I believe, there is a lot for us to learn.

To ease and speed up this learning process I strongly recommend yoga/meditation on a daily basis at these (and all) times. Really, consider it! (Plus you can find everything online, everything for free. On top numbers of studios at the moment open to online classes!)

First we all learn how to be better humans 💙

Better at taking care of ourselves! We learn that in order to not be in this situation again we know our immune system is strong. We must know we can handle it. This is true in any aspect of life. You need to know you've got it!

Better at taking care of our family and close ones 🙏

We have to show up for others as mindful and present as we need to be for ourselves. We have to be better at showing support, at caring for others and we have to handle relationships better.

We have to even step up how we contribute to society.

We need to use our unplanned time to find and create better ways to serve, while expressing ourselves in our societies and our world.

We have to learn how to live in a more simple and a more subtle way. We learn to live day by day. We cook our food, we use less groceries, we drink more water.

We learn to live more sustainably and self sustainably.

And ultimately, we learn to live with hope.

Then also the obvious.

If we just zoom out for a second from ourselves and see it bigger, since this short slow down everything else is better at a larger scale already. We see air and water cleaning. We see animals showing up closer and reclaiming space. We see life without the human oppression.

Then I hope we start thinking about better ways. We turn to a less megalomaniac, pollution and disease producing consumerism and to more simple, sustainable and positive living. I live in this hope ❤

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