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Rainbow Robin – A Story About A Girl

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

This one is a little bit different. It was written in a moment of total freedom and play. Like all the stories I write, this one is a lesson for me first, and hopefully other people also if they need it. Although this is the first story I wished to see illustrated and in covers while reading. I find it fun. Maybe because I had so much fun writing it.

On a very hot Swedish summer I spent a few weeks doing exactly as I wished, in what was my time to breathe, between kind of stressful two previous years of moving to a completely new society and total reinvention of myself and my new family (see previous stories 🙂 ), as well as studying, and finally starting my new job in my new-learned skills. A few weeks, where I still had my freedom of being able to do whatever I want to do with my day and not feel guilty about it, like I have to do something “important”, like "work" or whatever. Something that I’ve since been crying to do less instead.

And these stories are actually what thought me that. To do the silly stuff, the “non-important” things. It brought me back my inner child, the young me and my spirit within me. It reminded me of who I really am and what is really important for me. It reminded me of the universal child wisdom.

Looking at it after two years, it was the seed that grew in me a place of total freedom, play and love. It brought me back writing, painting, running barefoot and singing out loud. Brought me back the life energy and inspiration.

Thank you Robin ❤

When I write stories that are in a way inspired by my own struggles, or in this case my own play, the name Robin pops up. So I let it be. I let Her be.

I am here only to observe and try to capture some of Her with words.

In that moment of joy I imagined this to be long series about a girl that is so alive and positive, that it is contagious. I saw little girls and boys taking inspiration in her trust in her own self and her own ways, that she makes all around her own play, and all turns out great as by magick. She is in complete tune and in love with nature and all her gifts, all life. She lives every day as if it were an adventure.

Little did I know, life was taking me on another swing and set of lessons in the following two years. And I passed them all (on account on my stories unfortunately). But I know more is coming. I have so many stories in my head (taking most of the space there!), waiting to be written down and delivered to whoever would enjoy them. Also, I write every day for a while now. I have no plan to stop again.

Meanwhile, we found ourselves in a situation where we could all use some more positive reading, so I thought I’d share more of mine. While the little Rainbow Robin book waits for the following stories, and hopefully and illustration one day 🙂 , the ones that are typed down are now free to be read and shared among whomever you thing would enjoy them ❤

You can read them all together or take them one by one. You can read them in order or just shuffle around 🙂 You can read them definitely more than once (*hint there may be hidden wisdom!)

I will add more to the list as they come, for now enjoy the following adventures : Chasing Rainbows

Magic Forest

The Habitat

Robin’s Garden

13 Stones

The Shaman Dance

To be continued….


Thanks for reading ❤

PS: Since I went on and published this without any editing or any education on writing except my life long wish and a few tries here and there, feedback is appreciated. I can take both compliments and some constructive discussion. Please write me at ivy@moonwise.se or soc media /ivy3lue.

Love Ivy

Stockholm, Sweden

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