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Find Your True Calling. Now.

Updated: Nov 2

I am not going to tell you what a miracle it is for you to be alive, now, on this world. You’ve heard it so many times. You are a miracle!

A party boat, somewhere in Malta, in 2015

Yet, you have no clue what the heck you are doing here. You ask yourself what the purpose of life is. We all do.

The truth is, there is no purpose. At least not in the form we imagine it, no. Because, to the world, you are more of a random and insignificant coincidence, than you are a miracle. The world could (and will) survive without you. Even people, the ones you love most, can (and will) survive without you. Very little will change after you are gone. You will be gone. We all will.

But before that we are here!

It is only you that could not survive without you. It’s only you that you are a miracle to. And that’s ok.

That’s all that matters.

You. Your own miracle.

You have no purpose. You are the purpose.

Your purpose is what you make it. The meaning of your life, is how you choose to spend your days on Earth. That’s it.

Your purpose is nothing else but living a happy life. Your purpose is to be a happy little miracle every day. Boom.

And to be that, to live a happy and fulfilled life, you just need to do what you really need to do.

Only you know what that means to you.

It means doing what is important to you. Finding your true calling.

That, for some of us, can be really hard.

Even when we grow up.

Especially when we grow up!

So many things to choose from, so many important things to do… It’s all so confusing. We tend to lose our passion over the social pressure and the general idea of success. We all want to be successful (for some reason) and we are taught we are not suit for success doing what we love. We have to have (generally accepted!) careers, and we have to be good at it right from the start. No mistakes, no forgiveness. We start believing that that the only reason to do something is to receive material benefit in return.

That sucks the happiness out of our lives. We forget what is most important to us, what we believe in, what we love.

That’s when our purpose is lost. There is no calling. We have to find it all over again.

The irony is that you already know what it is, you just forgot about it. Or even worse, you deny it.

It’s somewhere in you, you just need to see it. Ask yourself some good questions and answer honestly. And you need to listen, really listen. Yes, to yourself.

It’s a call from the inside

Take it.

See how you really feel about what you are doing at the moment. Whether it’s your job, your hobby, or just what you do to waste some time. How do you feel about it?

Does it give you pleasure? Does it make you happy? Does it stress you out?

If it doesn’t feel right, then your choice (of how you spend your time) is wrong.

What do you care most about?

There’s something there that occupies your mind. Something that you spend time thinking, discussing, reading about…

Well, that’s your passion. It’s right there in front of you.

The only reason you are not doing it is because it’s “weird”. Or "you can’t make money of it". Or people say it’s not a career. Or… But have you tried?

And even if it can’t be a "career". Just spend time doing it. That’s your reward. Enjoy it!

Remember what you did when you were a child

What did you do then? What did you enjoy doing when there was no pressure, no concept of success and no money involved?

Were you happy? Did you feel guilty about being happy back then?

Is it maybe the same thing that still occupies your mind (but it’s not a career)? Well yes, that might still be your passion.

Who do you admire

Another hint may be the people you admire the most. Take time to answer these.

Who are they (people you admire)? What do they do?

Why exactly those people? What do they have in common?

What kind of people are they? What kind of lives do they live?

Can you see it?

What would you do today if you knew that you are going to die in a month (or a year) from now?

We tend to postpone the things we love doing because we have this idea that we are going to live forever. Or at least that we will grow old. That we have time.

But you are going to die eventually. And you don’t know when that will be. It might as well be next week.

People at their death beds almost never regret the things they did. They regret things they didn’t do when they had the time and the opportunity. So, what would you do if you knew you are going to die in a year?

Do it now.

You are the only person that can make you happy. Do it. Now.

Be your own miracle!

Stockholm, Sweden

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