Personal Development

One to one coaching

Pesronal and specific tools to experience a breaktrough in life or your work. Have a boost of motivation and creativity, expressing an authentic and confident self. 

Together we'll work on any specific acute need, as well as:

  • reconnecting to your self

  • relationships and communication 

  • creativity, work and expression

  • self betterment through habits and mindset


  • increased calm, improved health and mood

  • improved understanding and empathy (for oneself and others)

  • better communication 

  • inspiration, creativity and problem solving

Application, Dates and Pricing:

The value and reccomended reward for this course is 1818 SEK for Sweden. If you apply from other countries, you can translate it into whatever is apropriate in your own currency, taken into consideration the life standard and need. 

If you want to contribute to other participants you can chose to give 2424 SEK, or give SEK 888 if you need support at the moment. 

Or, choose any amount that suits you and you are comfortable with. Just send us an email at and we'll make it work. You are welcome even if your availability at the moment is 0.