Open Heart Yoga

Join us in an exploration of body and breath

Online Courses

  • Wake up fresh - Monday and Thursday  8AM, until June 13

  • Open Heart - last class on Tuesday 6PM, June 7

In person:

  • Stockholm - book classes from September!

  • Skopje - Introduction to Heartfulness Yoga and Meditation
    (coming in summer 2022, dates coming soon. This is a free course)

No upcoming events at the moment

Application and pricing:

  • apply via the events below, or send an e-mail at

  • courses are gift based, and heartful rewards are accepted

The value and reccomended reward per course is 888 SEK for Sweden. If you apply from other countries, you can translate it into whatever is apropriate in your own currency, taken into consideration the life standard and need. 
If you want to contribute to other participants you can chose to give 1313 SEK, or give SEK 444 or 222 if you need support at the moment. 
Or, choose any amount that suits you and you are comfortable with. Just send us an email at and we'll make it work. You are welcome even if your availability at the moment is 0.

No upcoming events at the moment