Mindful Office

Six pack

In six sessions we go through a dozen tools for self regulation and communication.

Through practical tools we anchor the understanding of their philosophy and the science behind,  and confirm their effectiveness. 

Six sessions include a variety of:

  • breathing and embodiment practices

  • nonviolent communication tools

  • selected mindfulness practices

  • calming meditations

  • guided self-reflection tools

Benefits for your team:

  • increased calm, improved health and mood

  • improved understanding and empathy (for oneself and others)

  • better communication in the team

  • inspiration, creativity and problem solving

Application, Dates and Pricing:

The reccomended reward for Mindful Office Six Pack is 11.000 SEK for Sweden. If you apply from other countries, you can translate it into whatever is apropriate in your own currency, taken into consideration the life standard and need. 
If you face dificulties to pay this at the moment, send us an email at info@moonwise.se and we'll make it work.