Mindful Office


Mindful Office Immersion provides full exposure to the mindful office philosophy. We offer support in facilitating daily meetings, weekly inspirational and team building get-togethers, share mindful office tools and give personal one-to-one breakthrough (or empathy) sessions.

Immersion includes:

  • daily meetings facilitation

  • weekly Mindful office tools

  • weekly motivation sessions

  • weekly yoga sessions

  • ongoing one to one support

  • heartful leadership coaching for executives

Benefits for your team:

  • calm, health, good mood and resilience

  • compassionate and effective communication

  • self inspired creativity and problem solving

  • authentic and mindful leadership

  • great motivation and productivity

  • fulfilled personal and company values

Application, Dates and Pricing:

The reccomended reward for Mindful Office Immersion is 14.000 SEK for Sweden. If you apply from other countries, you can translate it into whatever is apropriate in your own currency, taken into consideration the life standard and need. 
If you face dificulties to pay this at the moment, send us an email at info@moonwise.se and we'll make it work.