Mary is a creator and a power engine. She takes an idea and transforms it to a product, and then takes that product on a journey to remember. She is a social scientist with extensive experience in communication, PR, media and marketing.

Product is what drives Mary. She can create, manifest and materialize a dream into a scaling business. She thrives on success, and ambition is her guide. She is the creator of many rising names in social media. She has worked with many businesses in their infancy to bring them to their own feet on the market. She has worked with established names and still made a change.

Mary is the co- idealist and owner of the public persona of Moonwise. She is the caffeine to our team, and the one that feels the pulse of all the trends. She is even into TikTok now ❤️

Stockholm, Sweden

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Thank you so much for everything 💙 Deko & Meri
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