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Ivy is a dreamer, a life enthusiast and human psyche nerd. She views life experience as something to observe rather than something to be so involved in. Although, she engages in many colorful experiences besides work and study. She uses every aspect, every role and relation in her life to observe human behavior, including (and especially) her own, and find ways to improve it. Her interest in human relations, emotions, psychology and spirituality goes back to childhood.


For over 15 years of work with amazing teams she has studied personalities, relationships and team behavior patterns in both long term and short projects. She has worked as an intern and as a mentor and all in between, studying teams from all aspects. She’s worked with dozens of pioneering projects locally and internationally. She has worked with NGOs in developing democracy, as well as with both well established companies and startups developing the latest and greatest software.


In the last few years she went through intensive training in psychology, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, consulting, coaching, spirituality, team building, leadership and agile methodologies, among the rest. Has herself taken training in life, well-being and spiritual coaching, and studied from amazing coaches Toini Helle, Toni Robins, Dani Watson, Deepak Chopra, SIYLI, and many others. She is a certified yoga teacher, has rites of shamanic healing, and studies holistic health and wellbeing approaches.


Ivy is a heartfulness meditation practitioner, considering yoga an important part of her life and dedication to search for the truth and self improvement. She recently moved on from consulting in development, to pursue her dream to teach heart based leadership and relationships in the workplace. Together with her husband she founded Moonwise to help companies rise up to a more mindful way of doing business.


She approaches the team with an open mind and understanding, to find the right methods to work on the team’s communication, empathy and connection while also working with individuals on personal challenges and positive change. She shares these methods demonstrating their simplicity and effectiveness.


She believes that the purpose of a human being is to drive consciously one’s evolution. To evolve in this lifetime means to become a better human in every aspect 💙

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