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Back to Basics Yoga Series

Back to Basics is designed to go over a few basic aspects of yoga: Breath, Foundation, Stretch, Strength, Balance, Twist, Rest and Mediation. We have all aspects in every yoga moment, but we focus on one specifically each week. Introduction on Wednesdays 19:30, integration on Sundays 10:30.
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Back to Basics Yoga Series

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02 dec. 2020 19:30 – 07 feb. 2021 12:30
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To cover the basics of Yoga, we'll go through the basics of eight aspects:


Breath is the first and most important aspect of Yoga. All other aspects are held by and made possible with the breath.

To improve any other aspect of yoga, or life, one only needs to incorporate a steady flow of breath into it.

Breath is the Prana, the Life Energy, the Soul we put in our practice and in our life.

To introduce the breath we'll go through a few simple poses and breathing techniques. These can be used to base the yoga practice on, but also throughout the day, to add mindfulness, peace, love and joy in our daily activities.


The second aspect, the foundation, together with the breath, is the base on which we build yoga.

For any asana, for any strength exercise, any balancing practice, or any life event, creation or expression we need a steady breath and a steady foundation to build upon.

The end result of the asanas and the movements may, and probably will, differ for all of us, based on our different bodies and lifestyles, but the foundation and the intention will be the same, as we all are, under all those layers of human experience.


The third aspect we are focusing on in this series, is stretch.

Stretching, together with breath, is the first yogic aspect that we practice from the day we are born. We stretch even before we are born! It is something that we have in common with our ancestors and many, many other spieces. Stretching is also closely connected with growing, physical first, but then also emotional and spiritual growth. This week we'll learn how to use stretching to grow in yoga poses and in our lives.


As important as any other aspect, twist is yogis' favourite play, as it brings so many benefits on so many levels 

Twisting takes care of our axis, restoring motion in and around the spine, maintaining health and stability, and ultimately, releasing discomfort, pain and disfunction. It works both on the bones, lengthening the spine and releasing space between the vertebra, as well as the muscles around it wich lengthenand strengthen, bringing ease and strentght with confident mobility. Twists also work on the internal organs like sqeezing and soaking a sponge does, sqeezing the dirt out and soking in fresh clean water, or blood and oxygen in the case of the internal organs, massaging and detoxifying them. Furthermore, it improves digestion by motivating and detoxifying the digestive tract.


A practice to gathering and nurturing strength in the body. A gentle but strong flow will wake up our strength from crown to toe, to revive and prepare us for fruitfull years to come.


Strength is practiced on the foundation of rest.

Breathe in strength, let go, rest. A challenge to prepare us for balance and ultimately meditation.

One breath at a time 


One breath at a time, we balance our bodies and minds in equilibrium.


The crown of Back to Basics Yoga series.  During these beautiful eight weeks we built a connection to the Breath, built the Foundation, Stretched, Twisted, found Strength, allowed Rest and invited Balance. We looked at yoga from few of its aspects, and we looked at ourselves from the yogic point of view. Every week we connected a little deeper, every time we stayed in the silence longer.

This week we are celebrating a fruitful series end with flowing through all aspects once again to connect our breaths and our hearts in a beautiful meditation 

Most important aspect, though, will always be FUN!

Thank you! NAMASTE 🙏💙

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