Deko is an artist. He is the soft and subtle design that holds deep and valuable content. He can find the most amazing combinations of sound and image to create magical symphonies of senses. He has studied information technologies and he has recently taken a software development academy. He also has extensive experience with audio production, design and photography.


He is the friendly guy and the kindest team player that offer their help any time they have a chance. For him creating together is the most important drive in creating everything from music to software. Another side of Deko is his amazing dedication. He spends time with the product, so when presented the viewer is in awe of its subtle beauty holding a solution in its base that is non less beautiful.


He finds a driving challenge in learning new methods and technologies. He has worked with production in the very beggining of podcasts, he has worked with quality assurance in games, and he has worked with national broadcasters to support a flawless streaming of international events, making his symphony of skills unique.


Deko is the co- idealist and owner of all the art of Moonwise. He is the team spirit and the ambient. He is the devotee that puts all arts together ❤️

Stockholm, Sweden

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Thank you so much for everything 💙 Deko & Meri
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