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Mastery begins with practice

Past events & Series

  • Daily Practice - Yoga for all
    Daily Practice - Yoga for all
    29 mars 06:30 – 7:00
    Online Event
    An introduction to Daily Practice 🙏💙 We'll work on the discipline to show up for what is good for us, the strength to do so even when we don't feel like it, and the stamina to hold a promise to ourselves. We'll do yoga too 😄
  • Heartful Sisterhood - Full Moon Celebration 🌕
    Heartful Sisterhood - Full Moon Celebration 🌕
    28 mars 18:00 – 19:30 CEST
    Online Event
    Heart based meditation, Feminine Energy, Empowerment and Sharing. Twice a month we sit in a circle, have a heart based meditation followed by a meditative discussion. Women of all kinds are welcome to share their experience, wisdom, fears and wishes in a highly energized and supportive environment.
  • Freedom to Be - WOMAN
    Freedom to Be - WOMAN
    13 mars 18:00 – 20:00 CET
    Free online event
    A special event of Moonwise (Heartful) Sisterhood, featuring the amazing Helen Larsson. We want to talk about FREEDOM! Freedom in all of its forms, shapes, and ways to fulfillment. What does it mean to be a FREE WOMAN? Join us with your perspective in a open, honest, and empowering environment!
  • Back to Basics Yoga Series
    Back to Basics Yoga Series
    02 dec. 2020 19:30 – 07 feb. 2021 12:30
    Online event
    Back to Basics is designed to go over a few basic aspects of yoga: Breath, Foundation, Stretch, Strength, Balance, Twist, Rest and Mediation. We have all aspects in every yoga moment, but we focus on one specifically each week. Introduction on Wednesdays 19:30, integration on Sundays 10:30.