Making the world a better place, one present moment at a time.

Pause. Take a deep breath. Let it out and let it sound like the ocean. One more, a little deeper. Let it out, release, soften. Do this as many times as you wish. It does magic. The breath is the secret.

Welcome. Stay here on this page as much as you wish, or join us for an event soon. We welcome all with open heart. We do yoga series a few times a year, and we do women circles twice every moon. We share, laugh, and discuss with fellow souls that spread love on the planet, and for the planet. We'd take a discussion on anything from rockets to Mars, to astral travel, and sustainable gardening.

Life has blessed us in so many ways, with so many opportunities. But, the honor to serve and build a community of sisters and brothers, fellow souls with whom we share this existence, is beyond all. To be able to grow and evolve together, this is the most precious and most beautiful gift of all.

The world is inevitably changing.
"For the better" is up to us.


Heartfelt meditation, deep compassionate sharing and self betterment practice in an open, honest, and empowering environment.


A place for a gentle yoga experience. Through our breath we connect to ourselves, our body and our soul. Daily practice works magic.


For you who are ready to take yourself (or your team) to greatness, just lack the resources to do so right now, reach out anyway and let's find ways in which we can work together. 

No upcoming events at the moment

Ever so grateful our paths crossed

  I am honored to be a part of  Moonwise Yoga and to learn the basic and advanced view of yoga, meditation and well being, and the importance of giving your body and soul what is needed. Ivy opened the gates to be and to love my true self.

It was great for us to join Ivy in the yoga training, she is one of the most self-motivated characters we ever met she is always working on developing herself and willing to share her knowledge with those around her with great ability and passion.

Salma & Ahmed

Just like ivy, she is raising and growing her knowledge and spirit towards the sun, and on the way she shares and transmits with love to everyone willing to grow. She is humble and strong, with great inner peace and joyful spirit.


We would love to hear from you

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