Mindful Office

Six pack

In six sessions we go through a dozen tools for self regulation and communication.

Through practical tools, their philosophy and the science behind the tools, we anchor the understanding, and their effectiveness. 

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Thank you! Looking forward to breathing together!

Six sessions include a variety of:

  • breathing and embodiment practices

  • nonviolent communication tools

  • selected mindfulness practices

  • calming meditations

  • guided self-reflection tools

Benefits for your team:

  • increased calm, improved health and mood

  • improved understanding and empathy (for oneself and others)

  • better communication in the team

  • inspiration, creativity and problem solving

We are a small company with a big mission. Our purpose is to bring mindfulness to the workplace.

We know that  when teams connect and communicate with openness and compassion their wellbeing, together with creativity and productivity skyrockets!

We facilitate growth by allowing happiness.