I am just a soul whose intentions are good... ..Oh Lord.. Ok no singing :)

I'm a spirit. A traveler, a witness of this Universe.

I am.

I am! As a verb, as in being, is much truer than any of the "I am this and that" - roles I have or had in my life.

Roles we take upon as we go through life. We pick them up (often unwillingly) unaware, rarely choosing the roles for ourselves. My great awakening was learning that we can choose the roles we play, and we can change them as we please. That moment was when I finally realized I have a say. The moment I became aware of the truth inside, that we are so much more than only the few roles we've taken.

I launched in this body 34 years ago in a small town, in a small country. Now that I think about it, many things around me were small. People and ideas included. And there was I, craving a big, juicy life, a beautiful life full of experiences, full of blessings. There I was with this feeling inside, that life is, as it is supposed to be, awesome! 

Oh.. the things I didn't know.. growing up, the social pressure and stigma, the chase to "get there", the restlessness, losing the spark, the acceptance of mediocrity, capitalism and the general state of the world and inevitably life...

It was such a hard "truth" to swallow, and even harder to live with.


A place for a gentle yoga experience. Through our breath we connect with ourselves, our body and our soul. Daily practice works magic.


Heartfelt meditation, deep compassionate sharing and self-betterment practice in an open, honest and empowering environment.

My purpose and greatest joy is to work with you who are ready or willing to embody positive change in your life and take a bold step into being your best self.

Personal Development


I write about what is alive in me in the moment, topics I study or experiment with. If you liked things so far you might find this blog interesting.


I do

I prefer creating, rather than doing.

I started my corporate career very early in life. Ok, I started everything early. I guess I was in a hurry to create my dream life. Before I started working for an international non-governmental organization in the last year of my studies, I had already had my modeling, acting, dancing, and bar tending careers completed and behind me.


Next my ideals and passion to fix the world brought me in developing democracy in my home country. Unfortunately, both the ideals and the passion came to their full exhaustion after almost a decade in politics. Right about that time I had my awakening, my remembrance that I was here for a juicy life full of joy (and not the rat race I was in)! With it, I left my relationship, my house and all I "had". Soon after I left my job, and my country.

Meanwhile I met the love of my life, with whom we decided to move to the new big country. And we did.

The transition time I used for learning things I always had passion for. First I took (or rather got back to) psychology, as that was my favorite science since forever. I started my blog on fitness and mental health to share some of my struggles and my learnings. Together with studying the mind my yoga and spiritual practice were deepening and turning into a life long practice and devotion.


When I got the chance, I also took on programming since I was always interested in it, and worked with it for some time afterwards. In the last year of my corporate career I got trained in consulting and worked as a consultant in software development. Besides the few programming languages I learned a new spoken language in that time, which was very cool!

With one of my last clients I realized that my calling becomes much louder than anything else I tried doing. So much so that I often couldn't focus on the job (as a programmer) as there were so many things I wanted to help this company with. I realized that over and over in my life I fond myself mediating conversations, focusing constantly on improving the work environment and the connection in the workplace. Lately also I started using my mindfulness and self development practices in the process. It was a seed I nurtured so lovingly inside me. It eventually grew and led me to this moment, where I can use all my experience and knowledge into something that I do from the bottom of my heart, work that makes my Soul sing. I get to contribute in the best way I can and give value to people around me, I get to witness and be a part of breakthroughs and beautiful transformations. All while learning to be my best Self, living by my own rules and manifesting my own desires.

In April 2020 together with my beloved partner in life and partner in all, we started Moonwise to be the channel for our message to the world. Since, I've been through all trainings I could do to support me in my mission to be my best possible self and show up as your best possible coach. I've studied with Liz Kingsnorth, Toni Robbins, Mahima, Toini Helle, Deepak Chopra, Dani Watson, David Key, Robin Sharma and many other teachers in coaching, well-being, mindfulness, non-violent communication, productivity, mindset, spirituality etc. A blend of these philosophies together with my long time experience with self development,  introspection/observation and growth is in the core of my work with individuals and groups.

A desired life is always a work in progress, but there is always great progress to look back to.


I would love to hear from you

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In one such dull moment in my twenties I awoke. I remember it very specifically. I was standing in my kitchen with my one year old baby in my hands, looking around us, asking life, asking God even - "Is this it?"


I was 26. I was far less happy than what I wanted. Or expected. Maybe deserved? 

I graduated with  best grades, I moved to the big town, I had what they considered a great job and career, I had all that I thought I needed and more, I did everything right and I was not happy. It was the moment I knew things needed to change. I knew I had to try to be happy. At that moment I thought if not for me (because doing something for myself at that point was not my thing), then for the one soul that I couldn't bare seeing unhappy - the one I held in my arms.

I had to try and dig to the deepest part of my soul, under all those layers and roles, to find the existing truth about the joy of living that big, beautiful, juicy life that I desperately craved. 

And I knew that if I want it I had to make it. I dared to dream again, and I dared to make it true!

This time I wasn't going to settle for anything that didn't make my heart buzz with joy.
And I wasn't going to play small anymore, I was to take what I deserved. I was to set an example.

And so a journey began. Not an easy one. Not a short one either, but worth every minute. Since then I learned a lot about life, about myself, the Universe and all in between. (like there can ever be anything between one self and one's Universe)

My purpose on Earth is to share all that I've learned with you, so it may shed some light you on your own journey.

Inside and out.


At any given point in my life, a few things I knew for sure (even though I sometimes didn't know I knew them). 

First eternal truth is - Life is amazing. No question.
There was nothing, then there was a bang, then suns and planets and then we came, living, moving, thriving, conscious beings. So absolutely amazing this thought has always been to me.

The other truth is - if it feels wrong, it is probably because it is wrong. Truth that came to rescue every time my soul was not aligned with the circumstances. I learned (or saw) later in life, that the Divine hand is always guiding us to where our soul belongs. It does so usually through big acts of love, either for ourselves or another <3

And if yours brought you here, there may be some things we need to share. A moment, a story, a dance, a ritual, a meditation. I might suggest all at some point of our friendship. I am a firm believer in these ancient methods of finding and sharing wisdom.

My mission is to share with you all that I have learned in building and rebuilding my desired life.

A desired life is always a work in progress, but there is always great progress to look back to. If I could go back and change anything in my life, I wouldn't change a single moment. Maybe I'd only show up sooner and give myself the support I never did (before I started working on it). 

Through hardship I learned resilience. Through betrayal I learned trust and faith. Through shame I learned owning my own power. Through love I found life.

Change starts with a single step

Let your true self shine. Unleash your true potential. Become who you are meant to be!