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Our Team

Moonwise is a small company, with a big Mission. 


Our purpose is sharing a wholesome and mindful life, at home and in the workplace.

We believe that when we connect and communicate with openness and compassion,
our wellbeing, creativity and productivity drastically improves,
as well as every other aspect of professional and personal life.


We educate through courses and team buildings on topics like mindfulness, meditation, nonviolent communication, personal development. We teach from and through personal experience.


About Moonwise 

Ivy is a mindfulness and nonviolent communication practitioner and facilitator. 
She works as a consultant with yogic philosophy practices, personal development and nonviolent communication tools. She herself has a decade long practice and continuous education in communication, coaching, psychology, yoga, meditation and spiritual philosophy.

Ivy, woman portrait

Medo is an entrepreneur with extensive experience in software development and team leadership, engaged in projects ranging from proof of concept to solutions serving millions of users. 
He is cofounder of Moonwise, Kinta and Dreamseer, and consults for other projects as Android and Flutter expert.
He believes in sharing as continued learning, so often speaks at tech and inspirational events, and teaches app development at DIS University in Stockholm

Dushan is a flutter developer, consultant, and our latest reinforcement in building Kinta and Dreamseer. Passionate in solving real world problems with performant apps with artistic and functional design.

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